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17,37 EUR*
Details Quick Win Social Media Marketing: Answers to Your Top 100 Social Media Marketing Questions

Quick Win Social Media Marketing QUICK WIN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is aimed at busy marketing professionals with a traditional background, needing to gain a quick overview into social media for their business. It's also a useful primer for those...

7,70 EUR*
Details Social Media: Master Strategies For Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Instagram

Seiten: 154, Ausgabe: 3rd, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

7,48 EUR*
Details Social Media: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Brand with Social Media

Seiten: 42, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

19,50 EUR*
Details Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online

100 ways to tap into social media for a more profitable business In Social Media 101, social media expert and blogger Chris Brogan presents the best practices for growing the value of your social media and social networking marketing efforts. Brogan...

24,60 EUR*

Seiten: 48, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

9,16 EUR*
Details Social Media Body Language: How To Spot the Con Artists of Social Media

Seiten: 324, Ausgabe: 1st, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

32,80 EUR*
Details Media Edge: Media Logic and Social Reality

This book challenges social science to address the most important social change since the industrial revolution: the mediated communication order. More of our everyday lives and social institutions reflect the compelling media logic that resonates...

14,40 EUR*
Details The Social Media Mind: How Social Media Is Changing Business, Politics and Science and Helps Create a New World Order

Like any medium of communication social media has its own tropes which must be mastered in order to use it properly. In The Social Media Mind David Amerland illustrates how Social Media is a game changer. It challenges us to rethink our assumptions on...

36,39 EUR*
Details Heritage and Social Media: Understanding heritage in a participatory culture

Heritage and Social Media Heritage and Social Media explores how social media reframes our understanding and experience of heritage. Through the idea of 'participatory culture' the book begins to examine how social media can be brought to bear on the...

33,99 EUR*
Details Understanding Social Media (Understanding Contemporary Culture Series)

Understanding Social Media An accessible, humanities oriented introduction to the key themes and debates in the study of social media. Full of examples and case studies, this book shows students how to place social media more critically within the...

12,99 EUR*
Details Mr Social Media Becher, Weiß

Get your Tweetnado on with The Poke's awesome new design. Watch out for the upcoming video starring Mr. Social Media himself!Becher design reads: Mr. Social Media

25,95 EUR*
Details The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success

The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide A unique approach to today's hottest new job in social media Today's social community managers use social media platforms and act as brand evangelists and community advocates. From creating viral...

24,90 EUR*
Details Social Comm: Personal & Corporate Social Media

Seiten: 256, Ausgabe: 1, Broschiert, Books on Demand

18,18 EUR*
Details Media: The Social Media Series #4-6

Seiten: 408, Taschenbuch, Science Future Press

18,53 EUR*
Details New Media Habits: A Fundamental Guide to Social Media

Seiten: 96, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

115,20 EUR*
Details Regulating Social Media: Legal and Ethical Considerations (Communication Law)

Convergence, participatory culture, multimedia technologies, and social media platforms are creating new communicative opportunities that fundamentally influence citizenship and journalism. Social media present a staggering breadth of legal and ethical...

12,99 EUR*
Details Retroffensive Social Media Tea Becher, Weiß

""A wry take on Social Media and drinking tea.Becher design reads: Social Media Explained, Twitter - I'm #drinking tea, Facebook - I Like Drinking Tea, Foursquare - This is where I drink tea, Instagram - Here is a photo of me drinking tea, YouTube -...

14,21 EUR*
Details Status Update: Social commentary in the age of social media

Seiten: 74, Ausgabe: First edition, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

148,23 EUR*
Details Handbook of New Media: Social Shaping and Social Consequences of Icts

Seiten: 475, Ausgabe: Updated Student., Gebundene Ausgabe, Sage Pubn